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The Candy Club

Candy Club is a premium candy company with deliciously fun, unique candy from all around the world! From national and international candy makers to mom-and-pop confectioneries, they have a variety of sweets that you will love. The candy brings a modern twist on classic sweets, making it whimsical for kids with a touch of nostalgia for adults. Lovely packaging in cute jars is just the beginning. With the delectable taste of specially curated candy, it brings the fun into buying candy. The unique, playful packaging and delicious taste of the candy delight families and those looking to add a bit of “sweetness” to their day. Flavors change with each restock. Restock coming before Easter. Keep checking back to see what's new!

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Jen & Co Handbags

The reviews are in! We love these bags! They're super soft vegan leather, excellent quality and stylish yet functional designs.

"Inspired by the vision to create beautifully designed handbags crafted from cruelty free materials, Jen & Co. strives to bring together timeless classic staples and innovative contemporary creations to the forefront of global style.

Since our launch in 2015, we are committed to offering an alternative to the average “leather bag” that doesn’t sacrifice style, quality, or durability. By combining unique materials, eye catching prints, and luxe textures, we create alluring vegan leather styles that command the room. We carefully aim for superb craftsmanship to deliver extraordinary pieces that are soft to the touch, functional, and affordable. 

Our collection offers an array of sleek runway-worthy bags and accessories with the goal to provide reimagined classic styles that are versatile." - Jen & Co.

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