Why Norwex?

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It's a little unexpected, but you can also learn about and shop Norwex with me. 

I became a customer of Norwex about two years ago. I was invited to a party a friend was hosting, about two weeks after I first heard the awful "C...-19" word. I saw a demo comparing Norwex microcloth to Lysol wipes and I was sold!! Their whole business is based on these incredible microfiber cloths that remove messes, germs, bacteria, all that stuff WITH ONLY WATER! During this time, I added more and more Norwex cleaning products to my home. I hosted a party and earned about 15 items for free. I began to see a cleaner home, the savings started adding up right away, and it actually became fun to clean. I know that's weird. I'm always wanting to show off the window cloth. I became a Norwex fan while using the items the last two years. When I made the decision to go completely independent with my boutique, I realized I could offer anything to my customers. I wasn't limited to fashion only. Why not offer items that have proven to save me time, money, not to mention the health benefits, to all of you?

You can order Norwex anytime through my direct shopping link . Send me an email or use the contact form if you'd like to book a virtual Norwex show to earn some free items of your own. It's simple and fun to do. 


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